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Seal-Tite Window and Door Solutions is the Newest Division at D&H Renovations and Construction, LLC. 

A little over 20 years ago, D&H Renovations and Construction LLC was founded. It began with my vision of creating a credible, trusted business based on the simple goals of exceeding customer satisfaction by providing quality craftsmanship and unmatched service. Since its inception, a team of expert tradesman and contractors have helped me fulfill and sustain my vision. Our team strives to make a difference and their passion in their work is what continues to propel the business.


My company has introduced a new division of D&H Renovations which is called Seal-Tite Window and Door Solutions. Our focus is finding solutions for any window and door application, this includes creating openings, alternating and improving existing openings.  Today, and in the future we will continue to be committed to our customers as I was when I started D&H Renovations in 1994.

We believe in using Quality Products and doing Quality Workmanship to keep our Customers satisfied.


Douglas R, Habat 

Owner/ Operator

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